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Get Perfect Teeth with Tooth Filling

Get rid of chipped and cracked teeth easily. Experience the painless dental tooth filling procedure to strengthen your weakened tooth and get a brighter smile.

Earn up to 3,000 Smile Points.

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What is Tooth Filling?

Tooth Filling is a tooth repair technique that bonds a tooth-coloured composite resin or glass ionomer cement to improve your smile.

Since it is insoluble, has a tooth-like look, is simple to work with, and is unaffected by dehydration, composite resin acts as the ideal tooth restorative material.

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Fast & safe

A trained dentist will conduct your procedure in as little as an hour owing to the relative simplicity of the process. Since little preparation is required, it is also exceptionally safe.

Perfect smile

Get a natural and considerably more visually pleasing smile through composite bonding. Elevate your confidence by enhancing your dental aesthetics.

Affordable option

Based on the amount of work required, composite bonding can be quite an affordable option compared to other treatments. While glass ionomer cement is relatively economic option.


Afraid of needles? Don’t worry; composite bonding or glass ionomer cement typically does not require anaesthesia. The composite bonding material is simple to mould over your teeth as it is relatively soft to touch.

How Tooth Filling Works?


Preparing The Tooth

After drying out your tooth by isolating it from saliva, your dentist will drill off the contaminated portion of the tooth.

preparing the tooth


Composite Resin or Glass Cement Application

In case of composite resin your tooth enamel is roughened with acid to help with the adhesive application, and then a bonding agent is applied. After that, layers of composite resin are added, and a special light is used to quickly solidify them. While in case of glass cement it is applied directly over the affected tooth surface.

composite resin application


Shaping the tooth

Following the filling, the composite material is polished and sculpted to resemble your teeth. While in case of glass cement it is directly sculpted to resemble your teeth.

shaping composite tooth

How do I maintain my Tooth Filling?


Avoid Hard Foods Like Candy

Do not bite hard substances like candy for the first few days to avoid chipping of the filled tooth.


Avoid Coffee, Tea, & Cigarettes

Don’t consume food and beverages like coffee, tea and cigarettes for the first two days after the procedure as they can stain your teeth.


Do Not Bite Your Nails

Biting your nails can cause pain to the repaired tooth as it is hard; and the bacteria under the nails can cause infection.


Brush at Least Twice a Day

It is necessary to maintain routine dental hygiene to ensure long-lasting results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is dental tooth filling?

Dental tooth filling is a tooth repair technique that bonds a restorative material that is the same colour as your teeth.

How long does tooth filling last?

In most cases, tooth filling lasts between five and ten years before the dentist needs to touch it up or replace it with new restorative material.

How does composite bond to enamel?

The enamel is first air-dried. A primer, which is a solution containing a hydrophilic resin, makes it possible for the composite to adhere to enamel. A primer is brushed over the tooth surface after the tooth has been etched, cleaned, and allowed to air dry.

Is composite bonding reversible

The bonding substance may very well be removed without harming your enamel since no natural tooth structure has to be removed.

When should I get a composite bonding?

A composite bonding procedure can be used to repair broken and chipped teeth, reshape teeth, remove discolouration, and straighten crooked teeth.

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Glass Ionomer Cement (Tooth Coloured), Composite Resin (Tooth Coloured), Nano Hybrid Composite Resin (Tooth Coloured)