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Teeth Sensitivity – Causes And Treatment

People usually feel pain and discomfort after taking a bite of ice cream or a spoon of hot chocolate. Many people experience such conditions while consuming some cold or hot stuff. It is known as tooth sensitivity or dentin hypersensitivity. The sensitivity can either be a chronic issue or a temporary problem. It can affect one tooth, many teeth, or all the teeth simultaneously.

Causes of Sensitive Teeth

Some people suffer from sensitivity more than others because they have thinner enamel. The enamel is the outermost layer of the teeth, which helps protect them. Mentioned below are some of the major causes of sensitive teeth among people.

Consuming more acidic food

Some people love to eat tomatoes, fruits, fruit juices, citrus stuff, etc. They like to have such foods, making their mouths fill with water. However, it can cause multiple problems with their teeth. The outermost layer of the teeth is known as enamel. The enamel can get eroded by the consumption of foods and drinks which are acid-rich.

It also exposes the tender layer present beneath, known as dentin. People with sensitive teeth can cut down the acid by taking a glass of milk or a piece of cheese after eating.

Some toothpaste and tooth whiteners

Everyone wishes to get a bright and shiny smile. Few people use special toothpaste and tooth whiteners to get a bright smile. These toothpaste and tooth whiteners usually contain peroxide-based bleaching solutions. These solutions are responsible for causing sensitivity. Almost all people do not feel sensitivity once they stop using these products.

Receding gums

There are thousands of tiny tubes present in the roots of teeth. These roots make the person feel cold, hot, sour, and more and carry it towards the pulp, the nerve centre of teeth. The roots are covered with gum tissues. But in people suffering from periodontal disease, the layer pulls away from the teeth. These roots are ultra-sensitive and cause sensitivity as they get exposed.

Clenching and grinding of tooth

The strongest material present in our body is the tooth enamel. But grinding or clenching can cause problems. These habits are responsible for wearing away the enamel after a few times. It leads the nerve to end up in a dangerous situation. The wear and tear can be prevented by using mouth guards, making changes in lifestyle and diet, etc.

Be gentle with your mouth

People suffering from sensitivity must visit the dentist. They can help you by letting you know about the actual cause behind the sensitivity. You must make more changes in your lifestyle if you want a bright and pearly white smile. People must opt for special toothpaste for sensitive teeth, switch to a soft-bristled brush, purchase a mouthwash with fluoride, etc.

Sensitive Teeth Treatment

There is no single treatment option which is good to go for everyone. People can try various home remedies and dental procedures according to what suits them best. Mentioned below are some of the major ways sensitivity can be easily treated.

Products to utilize while staying home

  • People with sensitivity issues must brush their teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush along with a thin layer of toothpaste containing fluoride in a normal amount. Fluoride toothpaste is very beneficial as it makes the enamel strong and helps in reducing pain. They must avoid vigorous strokes while brushing their teeth and brush with gentle hands.
  • They can also opt for a mouthwash with a very less amount of fluoride present in it. It can help in reducing the sensitivity. You can also visit a dentist nearby to get a sensitive teeth treatment.
  • They usually recommend getting a mouth guard, which helps the people as their teeth won’t be able to grind by using it. The mouth guard prevents the teeth from getting fractures and rising sensitive teeth.

Change in daily lifestyle

People should avoid consuming acidic foods and beverages to reduce sensitivity. They must avoid citrus fruits, carbonated beverages, wine, and more. If you’re consuming such beverages, it is suggested to consume using a straw. The straw will make contact with the teeth quite limited.

Dental teeth sensitivity treatment

People get their decayed or flawed teeth fixed using crowns, inlays, or bonding. While doing these, a dental sealant is applied, which might increase the risk of having tooth sensitivity. Thus, if people undergo gum graft surgery, they can reduce the chances of getting sensitivity. People having ongoing issues with sensitivity are also suggested to get a root canal.

The Bottom Line

The sensitive teeth make it difficult for people to eat and drink. However, consulting a dentist at an early stage can help you. They will find the best solution for you and can also recommend some good toothpaste and mouthwashes especially manufactured for sensitivity. Explore the website to know more.

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